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    We (Nilesh and Sameer) have been interested in astronomy since we were very young. We started our journey with a local astronomy club - 'Khagol Mandal', where we met lot of good amature astronomers. This club also gave us a platform to develop our hobby.

    We are software engineers by profession so that we can support our families and this hobby. Given a choice we would be glad to follow our hobby as a profession. ;)

    Since our school days we spent most of our time doing visual astronomy using a locally made 5" reflector or the club owned 8" reflector. We tried our hands on film photography in the late 90s. In 2002, we tried using a webcam for lunar photography, but the camera that we used gave us very 'noisy' images. Also, mounting this camera was a big problem. We used the alt-az mouting, which was not stable. So, most of the time we enjoyed viewing the galaxies, clusters and nebulae with our eyes.

    Very recently, we were able to get some really good equipment for doing some serious astrophotography. Obviously our main aim is to produce real good images. Finding time because of our professional life is very hard, yet we try our best to gather images of cosmic dust.

    We hope you enjoy the images on this site.

    Suggestions,comments and criticism are most welcome. Click here to leave them.

Nilesh Desai
Sameer Thakur