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Orion Reprocessed

Orion Reprocessed
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Object ID: M42 Reprocessed
This is reprocessed M42 by combining Old B&W image with new color image. Mouse over to see what difference it makes when color is added to B&W image.

Optics: WO 80mm Megrez
Mount: Losmandy G11 & Meade LXD75
Camera: Starlight Express HX916 & Canon EOS 400D
Guiding: No Guiding
Exposure: 20.5 min Total - 5.5min L & 15min Color
Aquired On: 27 December 2007 & 2 October 2008
Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India
Image Processing: Registered in Registar & Combined as LRGB in Photoshop.