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Orion Nebula Core

Orion Nebula Core
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Object ID: Orion Nebula , M42 , NGC 1976

Orion Nebula is the most observed and photographed object in the Sky. As a matter of fact on September 30, 1880, M42 was the first nebula to be successfully photographed, by Henry Draper. Consequently, on March 14, 1882, Henry Draper obtained a second, better, deeper, and more detailed photograph of the Orion Nebula, a 137-minutes exposure, which also clearly shows M43. Todays advancement in photography allows anyone to get better photos of Orion Nebula than what Henry got in 1882.

Its the object of Beginner Astrophotographers, I bate every astrophotographer starts with M42 as first deepsky object, so do we :D

This is our attempt to show beautiful details of the Core of Orion Nebula, which are normally lost in photos as its get overexposed but visible nicely when observed with Large Telescopes.

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Optics: Celestron C9.25" F/10
Mount: Losnamdy G11
Camera: Canon 7D
Guiding: No Guiding
Exposure: - 5 sec x 5
- 10 sec x 10
- 30 sec x 7
- 60 sec x 6
- Total : 11 min 35 sec
Aquired On: 23 Jan 2011
Location: Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Image Processing: - Stacked in Deepsky Stacker
- HDR Combined in Photoshop