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Crab Nebula in Narrowband Tricolor

Crab Nebula in Narrowband Tricolor

Object ID: M1 - Crab Nebula in Taurus

This is first successful Narrowband Tricolor image. whopping 3+ hrs data. acquired by Nilesh, processed by Sameer.

It is very difficult to get good quality of data even though we use narrowband filters. The light pollution in Pune & Mumbai is too much to handle and once the object nears horizon, (I mean near 30-20 degree from horizon!!!) the signal to noise ratio drops, and that is what happened with SII exposure and you can see grainy background due to this noise.

Optics: AT66 F/6 + WO 0.8x reducuer + Orion Narrowband Filters
Mount: Losmandy G11
Camera: Starlight Express HX916
Guiding: Autoguided with WO 80 + DSI Pro
Exposure: Halpha : 10min x 8 : 80min
OIII : 10min x 6 : 60min
SII : 10min x 6 : 60min
Total : 3hrs 20mins !!!
Aquired On: 23 Dec 2009
Location: Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Image Processing: Stacked in DeepSkyStacker, RGB assmebled in Photoshop