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Leo Triplet

Leo Triplet
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Object ID: M65 M66 and NGC 3628
This small group of galaxies consists of the Messier objects M65 (NGC 3623) and M66 (NGC 3627) as well as the edge-on spiral NGC 3628. These three galaxies, the heart of the M66 group, form a beautiful and photogenic group which is frequently referred to as the Leo Triplett; Halton Arp has included this group as number 317 in his Catalogue of Peculiar Galaxies (M66 is also Arp 16). Lying at a distance of some 35 million light years, it is probably physically related to the M96 group.
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Optics: WO 80 Megrez F/6 + WO 0.8x reducuer
Mount: Meade LXD75
Camera: Starlight Express HX916
Guiding: Autoguided with AT66 + DSI Pro
Exposure: Total : 35 min
120sec x1, 180sec x11
Aquired On: 27 February 2009
Location: Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Image Processing: Registered and combined in Registar and Curves adjusted in Photoshop.