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M82 in Ursa Major

M82 in Ursa Major
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Object ID: M82
This is First High Resolution image after G11 Worm bearing changed. The major issue with G11 was jerks in tracking forbidding us from using long focal length. but now with bearings changed we have nice tracking:D

Optics: Celestron 9.25" + 0.63x reducer + Lumicon Deepsky Filter
Mount: Losmandy G11
Camera: Starlight Express HX916
Guiding: Autoguided with WO 80mm F/6 refractor + DSI Pro
Exposure: Total : 2 hrs 30 min
300sec X 30 Subs
Aquired On: 25 April 2010
Location: Baner, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Image Processing: Registered and combined in Registar and Curves adjusted in Photoshop.