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Sun Pillar

Sun Pillar
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Object ID: Sun Pillar

   A Sun pillar is a vertical shaft of light extending upward or downward from the sun. Sun pillars are caused when the air is cold and the Sun is rising or setting, falling ice crystals can reflect sunlight and create an unusual column of light. Ice sometimes forms flat, six-sided shaped crystals as it falls from high-level clouds. Air resistance causes these crystals to lie nearly flat much of the time as they flutter to the ground. Sunlight reflects off crystals that are properly aligned, creating the sun-pillar effect.

This picture is captured as Sun Rise @ 7:15 AM.

This is my first sighting of Sun Pillar.

Optics: Canon 18-55mm lens @ 49mm F/5.6
Mount: Handheld Camera
Camera: Canon EOS 400D
Guiding: NA
Exposure: 1/40sec @ ISO 100
Aquired On: 26 December 2008
Location: Woodbridge, NJ, US
Image Processing: Captured as JPG, Corrected for lens distortion and vignetting. MouseOver to see Straight out of Camera Image.